Backup Donkey Online Backup
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  • Unlimited online backup storage for your files
  • Automatic online backup for your most important files
  • Simple recover lost files - in principle with 2 mouseclicks

Simple recover changed files (especcially changes made by mistake), standard you can recover daily changed versions of a file.

Never loose your files again with Backup Donkey. Make secure and automatic your online backup.

You can have your Backup Donkey solution for € 5,- /month

No installation costs and 1 account can be installed on all your pc's in your household.

All prices are exclusive VAT.

Don't be a Donkey, that's my job!

Why Backup Donkey (technical information)
With Backup Donkey you can backup your most important files via internet, quick and easy. Jou will safely store versions of your documents and can restore them very easy. You will select which files and/or directories you want to backup. Backup Donkey will handle your automatic and daily backup on your selected time. For example; in the evening.

Backup all your files safe
Backup Donkey has no limit in backup storage. So you can backup all your files, no matter how big they are. You can also choose how often you want to backup. There are large multinationals who store more than 100TB of data with our technology.

Simple restore your files
With the backup manager from Backup Donkey, installed on any computer, you can simple restore 1 or more files.

You can also restore changed files (or corrupted files) with ease. Standard you can restore daily stored files for one month back. Simply by selecting the date, the file and the the restore button.

No comparison
Online backup sollution is not to be confused with storage in the cloud (cloud storage) like Dropbox, Skydrive or others. A backup is an risk insurance in case it goes terrible wrong and in those cases your online cloud storage is not sufficient (virusses, account hacking, single copy, onsafe/unsecure storage of bank and tax information, etc.).

Your backup online
Your files and data will be stored in one of the CyberCenters of Backup Donkey. These CyberCenters are part of the most secure computer fascilities in the Netherlands and apply to ISO 27001-standards. These digital vaults are permanent protected. The storage is in the Netherlands (or on demand in another country of your choice).
Why Backup Donkey (technical information)
How dows Backup Donkey work?
Advantages of Backup Donkey

Unlimited storage: Backup Donkey has no storage limit, you can backup all your files.
Security: The CyberCenters where your backup is stored are located in the Netherlands and apply to the most critical security standards.
Speed: You will make one initial online backup and after that only new and changed data will be send. This is very fast and efficient.
Reliability: All your files are send encrypted with minimal 128 bits encryption (if you want you can even use 448 Blowfish). Only you will have access to the data with your loginname, password and your self choosen encryption key.
Report: You will receive a clear report of your backup results as often as you want.
Why Backup Donkey (technical information)