Backup donkey offers a transparant pricing solution. You can scale your backup in blocks of 5GB. Every 5GB (or a part) is an investment of €5,-/month. Independent on the amount of systems you will install and use Backup Donkey.


Example 1:
A home user has 1 laptop with 3GB of data to backup. He will get an invoice of €5,-/month.
Example 2:
A home user has 2 laptop's, 1 desktop and 1 home storage server. On the laptops together there is 4GB of information that is part of the backup. The desktop has 1 GB and the Home storage server has 4GB data. Together this user will backup 9GB of data and will get an invoice of €10,-/month.
Example 3:
A business user has 10 laptop's, 5 desktops and 4 servers. On the laptops together ther is 50GB of information, the desktops don't hold any information and the servers are responsible for 100GB of data to backup. This user will backup a total of 150GB and will get a invoice of €150,-/month. Still this is a fraction he will spend on hardware and it support when he is using tapes.

Pricing is excl. 21% VAT.

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