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Do you notice a decline in your online backup performance?
Ask yourself these 14 questions. We’re confident using Backup Donkey online backup will result in better answers.

1. Is your online backup busy for hours due to changes in your tree structure?
2. Is your online backup slowing down dramatically with small files?
3. Is your average daily backup bigger than 1% of the selection?
4. Is your storage filled with millions – perhaps hundreds of millions – of small files?
5. Do backups exceed the backup window because of large files that change daily?
6. Do your backups fail after a connection drop?
7. Is your hard drive full of temporary files?
8. Are you unable to replicate your storage due to the number of files?
9. Do you need expensive, high performance storage to keep your business alive?
10. Do you de-duplicate your data before it is sent to storage?
11. Does your daily backup monitoring take more than five minutes?
12. Do you need a colossal connection to backup within your backup window?
13. Do you need performance-eating middleware like .NET, JAVA?
14. Is your current provider unable to support your demands?

Be amazed

Backup Donkey’s True Delta™ Discovery analyzes file structures at formerly unknown speeds. The example below shows more than 2.3 million files during a daily backup. True Delta™ Discovery identifies 20,044 files for processing. Combining the powerful engine and Backup Donkey’s pre-processing technology leads to a successful backup in just 5minutes, 31seconds.

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